Reclaim Your Weekend

Don’t come home from work to work. Take back your Saturday!

You’re tired of coming home exhausted after long days only to face chores, home repairs, errands … oh, and squeezing in some quality time with family and furry friends.

I’m a personal assistant with a talent for putting the balance back into work and life. I’ll help you take back your “me” time to rest, play, and connect with what’s most important in your life.




  • Start fresh. I’ll help you unpack or reorganize and deliver unwanted items to charity.
  • Get festive—without the stress. I’ll set up and take down seasonal decorations.
  • Travel with peace of mind. I'll check on your home while you’re off on adventures. I’ll water plants, run faucets, flush toilets, run appliances and freshen up before your return.
  • Stay low maintenance. I’ll schedule home maintenance, get estimates, and be here to meet the plumber or cable guy.



  • Look sharp, effortlessly. I’ll drop off and pick up your dry cleaning. Bonus: I’ll even remove all those annoying tags, plastic wrap, and wire hangers!
  • Eat less drive-through. I’ll do your grocery shopping, unpacking and even recycle the bags.
  • Keep Mr. Fluffy looking good. I’ll get your dog to and from the groomer.



  • Wash your hands of it. I’ll take over sorting, washing, folding, and ironing.



  • Playdates at the dog park. I’ll give her the social and play time she needs.
  • Pet sitting. If napping is more his speed, I’ll provide the snuggles.
  • Walk, run, love, brush. Dog or cat, I’ll keep them content so your special time is all smiles, wags, and purrs.

Hi, I’m Lauren Van Dyke.

I’m not a Knoxville native (but my dog, Pixie, is!) I fell in love with Knoxville when my youngest daughter was a student at UT. I’ve lived in the downtown area since 2011, and I couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. I’m very active, and I care about healthy eating, chemical-free cleaning and natural living.

I spent years running a busy, demanding household—we had children, horses, and dogs, and my husband spent much of his time traveling for work. He always told me how much he appreciated my keeping our home life sane while work life seemed crazy. I did it all—checked on liability insurance for contractors, ran all the errands … I kept our nest balanced.

I’ve worked outside the home full-time, too, so I know first-hand how demanding professional life can be. Even running out to pick up dry cleaning can seem overwhelming when you’ve got a mountain of work in your inbox.

Technology is supposed to help us work better, but it just seems to make us busier. Our weekends are consumed with getting ready for the coming week. We don’t have time to recharge or refocus. That’s important to me.

With HELP, I invite you to be creative: What would help you recharge? What could I take care of for you that would free you up for a Self Care Saturday? Do you need someone to hire or fire cleaning staff? Someone you trust to check on your pet during the workday? Someone dependable to make sure your fridge is full of groceries and your home feels welcoming when you get back?

Let me help you take care of things on the homefront, so you can focus on being your best self at work. I’ll be your personal assistant, by the hour.